Cheap Hifu And The Warning Signs To Look Out For – Written By Eve Garrett, Resident Dermal Therapist

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Recently clients have been talking about why the price for HIFU varies so much between clinics so I thought I would explain the difference...

It’s all good and well to check the qualifications, experience and type of HIFU machine that your clinician is using, but at the end of the day it comes down to the number of cartridges that are being used to specifically target the right skin depth, muscles, or fatty tissue, in order to get you the best results.

Cartridges are the very expensive part of running a HIFU machine and so when a clinic offers HIFU for a very cheap price they are doing one of two things, they are either using less shots, or they are using less cartridges.

I came across a HIFU sale advert the other day that stated they are using only one cartridge for general rejuvenation of the face and neck, but this is not great practice...


So, what is a cartridge?

Cartridges hold a certain number of shots and target a certain depth of skin, fat or muscle and they need to be replaced once they have run out, so its important that the right cartridge is used on the correct area. For example, the face, neck, and eyes all have very different depth muscles that need specific cartridge depths and for the treatment to be effective on the area being treated.


Questions you should ask before buying...

Ask them how many cartridges will be used and be careful of cheap HIFU deals because you may not be getting HIFU at all, we have had cases where people have paid thousands of dollars for treatments that don’t use cartridges at all and I’m guessing were probably a form of radio frequency that is much cheaper for the clinic to use.


How many do we use at Advanced Face and Body?

We consider ourselves the HIFU experts at this stage because we have been performing treatments for the past six years (since it’s Australia launch) and we have eight different Face and Body HIFU options.

When it comes to the ULTMAX 7D HIFU face, eyes and neck, which is our top selling treatment, we are very transparent and proud that we use four different cartridges, one is specifically for smile lines, under eye circles and crow’s feet.


Why are Advanced Face and Body’s prices cheap compared to other top clinics?

We have a very large and loyal clientele who help us out by purchasing their online deals each month and then book themselves in with our amazing customer service centre, providing online chat and fast response times.

We are not on the street front or in the shopping centre, and we enjoy a very private, by appointment only beauty clinic for the most relaxing client experience.

There is no busy reception just peaceful relaxation music where you can unwind and let your treatment specialist take care of you and only you.

This cuts costs of running the clinic right down and we pass those savings onto you with our monthly Advanced Face and Body deals, please make sure you have subscribed your email to receive the specials each month.



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