Body Treatments Explained

Do you know your Cryolipolysis from your CRYO-HIFU? The world of non-surgical body contouring treatments is ever-evolving. Read more about our body treatments and what clients have to say about their experiences.

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What area of your body would you like to improve?

Body Treatments

What is your concern?

(a) fatty tissue or small pockets of fat

We suggest Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing sessions and usually recommend 3-4 treatments in your chosen area. Keep in mind it is best to treat the whole area and this may require multiple treatment handles in one session.

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(b) lax or saggy skin

Fracelated RF Micro Needling and RF Skin Tightening combined is a great option to tighten and smooth saggy skin.

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(c) pigmented or uneven skin tone

Fracelated RF and Skin Needling are excellent at removing pigment and improving overall skin texture and laxity.  We recommend x6 sessions in the chosen area and it will treat many skin concerns including stretch marks and age spots.

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(d) large area of weight gain

LIPOgen Body HIFU or CRYO-HIFU is the answer for larger areas needing permanent fat reduction and skin tightening. This is a revolutionary technology that not only permanently destroys fat cells but also helps promote collagen growth which has an antiaging effect of the skin tissue. It's marketed in the U.S. as lose one dress size in one hour because we can guarantee at least one inch of fat loss per treatment, per area treated.

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(e) soft fatty tissue

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing is a great solution to target soft fatty tissue all over the body and our machines have many different handle sizes for tricky to treat areas. You will generally need three treatments on your chosen area for best results.

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(f) lumpy skin or cellulite

LIPOgen Body HIFU or CRYO-HIFU combined with RF Skin tightening is a great solution to reduce the fat cell size and smooth out the lumpy appearance instantly.

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