Everyone's been asking about the different forms of HIFU....

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There has been some confusion from customers in general who are getting overwhelmed by the amount of different face and body treatments out there in the non-surgical arena.  Over the next few months we will be including some information to help clarify the difference in treatments and hopefully shed some light on what are the best choices for your yearly face and body maintenance routines.
Today the focus is on HIFU.  There are many different brand names of HIFU technology today, but the actual concept was invented in the 1940’s by a couple of scientists named Frank and William Fry.  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) was invented to act as an alternative to the surgeon's scalpel, the idea was to prevent tissue damage whilst providing therapy for diseased organs beyond skin and therefore significantly reducing the patients discomfort and downtime.  Now day’s HIFU is used in the medical field for operations on prostate cancer and to help heal torn ligaments rather than patients undergoing painful surgery.
The cosmetic industry has adopted this amazing technology to provide patients with an alternative to invasive surgery like liposuction or face lifts.  HIFU is used for different reasons within cosmetic surgeries and beauty clinics.  We use HIFU to deliver wavelengths beneath the skin to destroy fat with our body HIFU, heal and tighten skin with our Cryo HIFU and for face, eyes and neck lifting and tightening we use 7D HIFU to target muscle and skin tightening and recovery.  
There are different machines for different areas of the body and it’s important your clinician really knows what they are doing because we would never want to use a body HIFU on the face and vice versa!  It’s also important that your clinician understands the anatomy and physiology of your face and body in order for you to get the best results because if you are not targeting the right muscle or pocket of fat then you are really wasting your money.
To find out more about the right HIFU treatment for you or to enquire about your options we are always ready to help you on the CHAT so jump on and say hi we love hearing from you.



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