Focus on Fracelated RF Skin Needling

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Fracelated RF is also known as RF Micro-needling and uses gold plated microcrystaline needles to release radio frequency into the dermal layer of the skin for total skin rejuvenation.

Just one treatment of Fracelated RF on the face or body is enough to see a difference and this is why we love this treatment. It takes about four weeks post-treatment to start seeing the tightening of the skin and reduction in pigmented lesions and scarring however for a major reduction in pigmentation, stretch marks, scarring and loose skin and a much brighter and clearer skin tone we would recommend three to six treatments.

The perfect time to focus on Fracelated RF treatments is when you are not planning any photo's or major events for two weeks as it has a little more downtime as the skin heals and restructures itself.

So what is Fracelated RF or RF Micro-needling?


  • Purpose: Overall skin rejuvenation, tighten loose skin and remove pigmentation
  • Results: Four to twelve weeks
  • Anesthesia: Topical
  • Time Taken: 30mins
  • Recovery: One to Two weeks as the little squares fall off
  • Lasts: Permanent
  • Pain level: 4/10
  • Specialist: Our Resident Dermal Therapist


NOTE: If you have loose skin after child birth this treatment is particularly effective to tighten the surface skin, it is also great to tighten the neck and face skin after weight loss and we often work on patients hands and arms that are starting to show the signs of aging. 

This revolutionary treatment is often included in our monthly specials so check out our VIP DEALS page and as always don't hesitate to reach out via our online chat if you have any further questions or if you would like a complimentary online consultation with one of our specialists.

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This patient pictured above had x 3 treatments of Fracelated RF and this picture is taken 14 weeks post first treatment, treatments occurred four weeks a part and the patient has a reduction of thickened and pigmented skin with a reduction of transverse lines.



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