'Inflammaging' and its role in speeding up the aging of our skin and how we can stop it...

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I have been having so much fun filling the clinic with beautiful roses lately and discussing the latest skin concerns and conditions with some local influencers, so I thought I would share my advice with all of my VIP's too...

"Skin Ageing factors now and then"

Forty years ago the main aging factor for our skin was glycation caused by too much sugar mainly from processed foods in our diet. We don't see this condition as much in the clinic now as it has been replaced with a relatively newer aging factor called 'inflammaging'.

Glycation presents in the skin as cross-hatched lines and wrinkles. If you think of a ‘normal’ wrinkled chin they are linear and generally parallel to each other in areas of facial movement. Lines created by Glycation cross over each other and are often seen over the cheeks and around the mouth.

Nowadays, around 70% of my clients over the age of 35 are showing some signs of inflammaging to varying degrees, and here are some examples of common inflammatory skin conditions we see in the clinic.

Look at this photo which shows an older lady with Glycation, you might have seen this in your grandparent's skin but it is far less common these days.

"The dreaded age spots, make it stop!"

Age spots are caused by UV exposure, other names for age spots include solar lentigines and liver spots, though they have no connection to the liver. These marks are flat and darker than the surrounding skin. They can be tan, brown, or black, and they may resemble freckles.

We have many products and in-clinic solutions for age spots these days and as always prevention is much easier than the cure.

Look at this photo which shows an age spot surrounded by smaller pigmented lesions, damaged cells hold onto too much pigment and cause unsightly discoloration on your skin, you should see a doctor to ensure these lesions are benign before getting any pigment removal treatments.

"Aaaargh Help! I'm sinking!"

Sagging skin otherwise known as skin laxity from Inflamaging can accelerate the ageing process. Other variables might include genetics, weight changes, and sun damage. The combination of these factors leads to significant skin laxity over time. Fortunately, many treatments are available to improve your appearance and reduce sagging skin.

This photo shows the deterioration or reduction of collagen and elastin in the dermis or second main layer of the skin, while we will inevitably all get some skin laxity, it's more likely to occur earlier because of inflammaging.

"Redness and environmental sensitivity issues..."

Facial couperose is a common inflammatory condition, couperose skin can be described as looking like lots of tiny red or broken blood vessels just underneath the skin of the face, they may be reddish or pinkish, and may turn white briefly when pressed. Another term for couperose skin is skin with telangiectasias.

This photo shows couporose skin which is often present with it's annoying older sister 'Acne Rosacea' a common skin condition that causes blushing or flushing and visible blood vessels in your face.

"So what is Inflammaging?"

"Inflammaging" is a term used to describe aging induced by chronic, persistent, underlying inflammation that ultimately exhausts the skin's defense system.

In short, inflammaging speeds up your skin's aging process so we show signs of aging earlier than we should genetically without outside and environmental factors.

"How do we stop the skin from aging prematurely from Inflammaging?"

"Use an SPF daily moisturiser"

Well if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, use an SPF daily moisturiser every morning! Remember this is a light moisturiser with anti-oxidants like vitamin C or E to fight off free radicals or damaging oxidising agents and an SPF which stands for sun protection factor, to protect from UV damage from the sun. If you have been with me in the clinic you will know I refer to this as putting your face in a dome to protect you from the harsh environment.

"Gut health matters"

To helps win the fight against premature ageing caused by nasty free radicals which causes inflammaging we need to consider our gut health. We come into contact with these unstable compounds every day through radiation from technology like our phones and and computers, fumes from cars and from sun exposure. These little nasties erode our health, break down collagen, damage and prematurely age our skin.

"Anti-oxidants are the heroes who save the day."

These natural compounds neutralise free radicals and interrupt the destructive process of premature ageing. The most potent source of anti-oxidants are brightly coloured fruit and there are some great natural anti-oxidant boosters available on the market to help supplement where our diet is lacking.

I always say that standing on the side of a busy road, on a sunny day without sun protection, smoking a cigarette, and having a glass of wine would be the perfect cocktail for inflammaging. NOTE: Please don't do that!

"Using your vitamin serums"

Finding the right serum that works for you is important, some of us favour a great vitamin C to brighten, plump up collagen levels and hydrate whilst others love a Vitamin A or Retinoid to speed up skin cell turnover and reduce scarring, wrinkles, and pigmentation but did you know that a good vitamin-rich serum also kills the free radicals that are responsible for inflammaging? use your serums morning and night under your favourite moisturisers to up the fight against skin cell oxidisation.

For more information or to find out about treatments we offer to combat your specific skin concerns, simply jump on the ONLINE CHAT for a FREE consultation with our customer service experts or to make a booking with Eve Garrett our resident Dermal Therapist and skin expert.

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