Staying at the forefront of beauty industry advancements is our pleasure and purpose - By Eve Garrett

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We attended the industry event of the year and are keeping you all informed as well as ensuring we continue to provide the latest and greatest in beauty treatments available today - we love only providing the very best for our clients!

We were fortunate enough to be invited to The Beauty and Spa insiders Gala which was a celebration of the Australian Beauty and Medi-Aesthetics industry.

It was very inspirational and a great chance for us to connect with other industry leaders and like-minded professionals.

I will be discussing key advancements in aesthetics with you in clinic but a few small but valuable tips and take-away’s from the experts were:


Dr Yumiko Kadota – Sydney Face Doctor 

Help combat sexism in the workplace and address females and males equally e.g. include titles like Doctor for everyone or no-one but keep it consistent, regardless of gender.


Suzie Hoitink – Telstra Business Woman of The Year

When starting a business or any venture have a clear vision of your end goal and work backwards from there, without a clear vision you have no-where to go and don’t be afraid to take a big leap of faith in yourself.


Dr Martina Lavery – Martina Dental and Aesthetics

Use a tongue scraper every morning and clean your teeth before you cleanse your face, imbalance in the oral microbiome (mouth) will lead to inflammation, skin ageing, illness and disease.


Thanks for reading and we will look forward to spoiling you in the clinic soon! 

Eve Garrett - Beauty Dermal Therapist at Advanced Face and Body



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